Access repositories on your computer



Ok, so you would like to have a copy of the full repository on your local desktop.

Step 1: Install GIT – for your operating system.

Step 2: Go to and select the repository that you would like to have on your local computer.

Copy the URL to clone the repository.

Step 3: Open up your terminal. Linux and MacOS – search for terminal and open. Windows: Right click on the start button and select RUN – Type cmd on the open field and click OK. You should have a command line similar to the one below.

Type the following: git clone

Replace the http URL with the appropriate repository URL

You should have something like the above picture and now you have the repository on you local computer.

How do I update it with new files? Type: cd filters (replace with repository name) and then git fetch. This will update the local repository.

How to submit a new form or filter

How do I submit a new mapped form or filter?

Step 1: Export your filter or mapped form by clicking on the Templates Tab and then Export button ( top right of page)

Step 2: Select the appropriate form or filter etc. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Export. You will download a zip file to your local computer.

Step 3: Contact us through the Med Collab slack channel or send us an email through the Med Collab app. We will instruct you how to get the zip file to us.

Step 4: The form or filter will be evaluated to ensure that it is of good quality and appropriate to be listed on Med Collab. If all is good we will publish the form or filter.

Step 5: Buy yourself a beer or wine and celebrate your achievement to become a contributor to the Med Collab community!!

How to Import a Mapped Form

I have seen a mapped form that I would like to have in my EMR. How do I import the mapped form?

This tutorial will explain how to go from seeing a mapped form on Med Collab that you would like to have to using the mapped form in your EMR.

Step 1: Find the mapped form you would like to have and click on the share button to share file url to your computer via email ect. I do recommend using PushBullet.

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded. Open your EMR and navigate to the Templates Tab. Click then on the Obs Tab.

Step 3: Click on the Import Button and locate the zip file that was downloaded. Import selected file.

Step 4: Search for the imported mapped form under the Obs Tab. Your newly imported mapped form should be accessible.

Step 5: Sit back and enjoy 😀