How to Import a Mapped Form

I have seen a mapped form that I would like to have in my EMR. How do I import the mapped form?

This tutorial will explain how to go from seeing a mapped form on Med Collab that you would like to have to using the mapped form in your EMR.

Step 1: Find the mapped form you would like to have and click on the share button to share file url to your computer via email ect. I do recommend using PushBullet.

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded. Open your EMR and navigate to the Templates Tab. Click then on the Obs Tab.

Step 3: Click on the Import Button and locate the zip file that was downloaded. Import selected file.

Step 4: Search for the imported mapped form under the Obs Tab. Your newly imported mapped form should be accessible.

Step 5: Sit back and enjoy 😀

Hello World!

In then Med Access community there is a real need for a centralized template repository eg. Mapped forms, Filters, Visit Templates and Billing Templates ect.

At the moment everybody is doing there own thing and work is duplicated on a daily basis.

We have decided to put our skills to work and created a centralized template repository for all to use at no cost.

Accessing the centralized repository will be through an Android and IOS app that is downloadable through the Google Play Store and App Store.

If you have skills in developing templates or map forms then you are welcome to contribute to the project. The more we are then better the repository will be and the more time we will save in doing administrative tasks.