Track MOA Active Tasks

As part of my daily dashboard I have a sidebar filter to monitor active task that has been assigned to my MOA. The filter will display active task all assigned task (past and future) per category. In the image below there are 5 investigations and 1 lab active task.

The filter to provide the monitoring looks as follows.

Note: If you are going to download the filter from the repository, you should change the Owner (currently Hammell) to the name of your MOA.

Adding the filter to the dashboard the setting in my dashboard look as follows.

In the filter area make sure that you select the correct filter with your MOA details.

The filter is available here

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How to submit a new form or filter

How do I submit a new mapped form or filter?

Step 1: Export your filter or mapped form by clicking on the Templates Tab and then Export button ( top right of page)

Step 2: Select the appropriate form or filter etc. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Export. You will download a zip file to your local computer.

Step 3: Contact us through the Med Collab slack channel or send us an email through the Med Collab app. We will instruct you how to get the zip file to us.

Step 4: The form or filter will be evaluated to ensure that it is of good quality and appropriate to be listed on Med Collab. If all is good we will publish the form or filter.

Step 5: Buy yourself a beer or wine and celebrate your achievement to become a contributor to the Med Collab community!!

Hello World!

In then Med Access community there is a real need for a centralized template repository eg. Mapped forms, Filters, Visit Templates and Billing Templates ect.

At the moment everybody is doing there own thing and work is duplicated on a daily basis.

We have decided to put our skills to work and created a centralized template repository for all to use at no cost.

Accessing the centralized repository will be through an Android and IOS app that is downloadable through the Google Play Store and App Store.

If you have skills in developing templates or map forms then you are welcome to contribute to the project. The more we are then better the repository will be and the more time we will save in doing administrative tasks.